Foundry systems engineering

Foundry Systems Engineering

We develop and produce customer-specific systems for investment casting based on the lost wax technique. This includes systems for all production steps in investment casting, such as wax injection machines, sand moulds, ceramic stirrers and hammering chambers. These systems are supplemented with foundry furnace systems.

Our double chamber sintering furnaces, dewaxing furnaces and rotary hearth furnaces naturally meet the same high technical standard as our hardening and tempering furnaces.

Wax in­jec­tion ma­chi­nes

For various tool sizes and according to individual needs

Wax injection machines are used to produce wax models for injection moulding. These wax models are then used in investment casting.
We design the wax injection machines to suit the type, tool size and injection volume of the models to be injected.

Available machine sizes:

Fully automatic Semi-automatic
120 kN – 1000 kN 120 kN – 1250 kN
S300 (120 kN) – S500 (1000 kN) S460 (120 kN) – S900 (1250 kN)

Sand moulds

Designed according to your requirements

We offer fluid bed systems with simple or triple container systems, where the sand is suspended by means of an air compressor. Our product range also contains sanding chambers with bucket elevators and a sprinkling facility which distributes sand finely over the cluster.

Ham­me­ring cham­bers

Tailored to your purpose

We offer hammering chambers for investment casting and aluminium sand casting, and design them specifically in line with your requirements.

Available chamber types:

Addition Hammer type
  • With swinging door
  • With lifting door
  • With sliding door
  • With automatic rotating device






Spe­cial de­signs to sup­ple­ment in­vest­ment cas­ting

  • Kiln furnaces
  • Core removal chambers
  • Barrel rollers
  • Form tempering systems
  • Form furnaces as chamber, pusher-type or rotary hearth furnaces
  • Stirrers
  • Salt bath cleaning systems
  • Melting furnaces
  • Separating machines
  • Vacuum casting machines
  • Vacuum drying systems
  • Wax melting systems
  • Pressurised water cleaning systems