In­dus­tri­al fur­nace con­struc­tion

In­dus­tri­al fur­nace con­struc­tion

“We develop and produce industrial furnace systems for the productive and economical realisation of various heat treatment activities.”

In­di­vi­du­al plan­ning and op­ti­mal im­ple­men­ta­ti­on

On the basis of the specified task, we work with you to plan the ideal heating type and furnace size for your intended purpose.

First we will provide you with project-specific advice covering the following points:

  • Process engineering
  • Process technology
  • Flow engineering
  • Safety engineering
  • Design and flexibility of the systems (e.g. batch size, capacity, degree of automation)
  • Media supply
  • Economy, energy efficiency and process time of the systems (heating output)
  • Environmental compatibility (e.g. heating type)

In addition, we handle individual hall planning and can even perform the full planning for heat treatment businesses.

Delivery & installation of industrial furnaces

Not only do we make powerful systems – we deliver them as well. For destinations around the world, we naturally organise transport via ship and truck to your company’s installation site. That is why we have our own fleet, comprising one truck and several transporters.

We complete the installation on site with our own staff. This ensures that your system can be commissioned quickly by our qualified employees, who also provide training on the system.


We perform maintenance for our own systems as well as for third-party systems. At coordinated maintenance intervals, we inspect your running process technology and thus ensure a maximum of flexibility and economy for you. Our employees improve the productivity of your industrial furnaces and perform modernisations for all your industrial furnaces and furnace systems, even going so far as to replace switch cabinets, programming units, gas injection cabinets and gas injection panels.