Evacuable horizontal tempering furnaces

Eva­cuable ni­tri­ding tem­pe­ring fur­naces VAN

Versatile all-rounders up to 750 °C

VAN type nitriding furnaces, also referred to as VAN type protective gas retort furnaces, can be adapted to the requirements of the respective treatment type with an array of options. VAN furnaces are especially suitable for nitration. Here, the entire process in the furnace runs through automatically and without staff intervention. This allows atmosphere changes to be performed quickly and easily. Of course, the atmosphere controls correspond to the high requirements of DIN, CQI and AMS.

All temperature ranges of thermochemical nitriding with ammonia are covered, from low-temperature nitriding to high-temperature nitro-carburising up to 750 °C. Gas mixing stations are produced with all required additional media. In addition to carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ethyne, endogas and exogas or methanol are used as carbon carriers.

APIN ® and lo-flo ® special procedures

All nitriding systems can be controlled by computers and monitored by sensors. To this end, the specially designed measuring rod for a fully regulated nitriding furnace contains not just a hydrogen sensor but also an oxygen sensor to ensure that the atmosphere can be fully monitored at any time. Automatic testing systems of the sensors and flow monitors check and document the working order before and during every process. Our APIN® and lo-flo® special procedures guarantee the highest atmospheric precision with the minimum consumption of unburnt gas.

VAN furnace systems can be connected to WMV vacuum washing machines, KA pre-warming tempering furnaces and CWT telescopic batch trolleys to create fully automated lines.

  • Nitration
  • Nitro-carburising
  • Oxynitriding
  • Special nitriding
  • Pre-oxidising
  • Post-oxidising
  • Tempering
  • Annealing

Avail­able fur­nace si­zes

Usable volume [mm x 100] Batch load mass [kg] to 600°C Characteristics
4-3-3 300
6-5-5 500
9-6-6 800
Furnace variants 9-9 1200–2000 Depth 9, 12, 15 and 18
15-10-10 2500
18-12-10 3500
20-12-12 4000
24-16-15 7000


VA eva­cuable tem­pe­ring fur­naces

Variable productivity up to 750 °C

Evacuable VA type tempering furnaces, also referred to as VA type protective gas retort furnaces, are suitable for many heat treatment procedures. All of them can be combined with various protective gases such as argon, nitrogen or forming gas. Forming gas is supplied to the furnace system using mixing taps with mass flow controllers. The tempering furnaces have indirect heating and are operated with high performance blast chillers. They are vacuum-sealed, so purging is not required after evacuation. Depending on the application, you can choose a corresponding vacuum pumping unit. The final vacuum resulting from this selection has a direct impact on the purity of the furnace atmosphere.

  • Stress relieving
  • Low-stress annealing
  • Tempering
  • Annealing
  • Age-hardening
  • Recrystallizing
  • Aging

Avail­able fur­nace si­zes:

Usable volume [mm x 100] Batch load mass [kg] Characteristics
4-3-3 300 2VA and 3VA
6-5-5 500 2VA and 3VA
9-6-6 800
Furnace variants 9-9 1200 – 2000 Depth 9, 12, 15 and 18
15-10-10 2500
18-12-10 3500
20-12-12 4000
24-16-15 7000


Dou­ble/​triple cham­ber va­cu­um tem­pe­ring fur­naces 2VA and 3VA

Our type 2VA and 3VA tempering furnaces contain two or three treatment chambers respectively. The treatment chambers share basic units such as vacuum pumps and external heat exchangers, but can run different procedural programs independently of each other. Of course, the double and triple chamber vacuum tempering furnaces can also be gas- or electric-heated. A hardening load can thus be divided into two or three different tempering batches.

Avail­able fur­nace si­zes (2VA and 3VA):

Usable volume [mm x 100] Batch load mass [kg] to 600°C 
5-4-3 Per chamber 350
6-4-4 Per chamber 450