KGO GmbH was founded in 1998 as a successor to Kaminski Apparatebau GmbH, established 1948. Its main activity was the production of all kinds of steel construction, specifically furnace housing for the industrial heat treatment of steel components.

On 1 Jan 1998, Dipl.-Ing. Nedeljko Vucemilovic became the manager of the newly established KGO Kaminski Gießerei- und Ofenanlagen GmbH, which was renamed KGO GmbH on 19 Dec 2011. With the acquisition of Schott GmbH in 2000, wax injection machines for investment casting were added to the product portfolio.

KGO to­day

Today, the company employs the following: 

  • approx. 70 employees: Mechanical, chemical and electrical engineers, process engineers, electricians, electronic technicians, industrial mechanics, welders, technical product designers, business people
  • 8 apprentices: Industrial mechanics, electronic technicians for industrial engineering, technical product designers, industrial clerks

We supply tailor-made system solutions and furnace systems of almost any size, as well as solutions for special designs and systems for special processes, all around the world. Thanks to our extensive experience we are able to offer the full range of products and services relating to foundry and furnace system engineering to customers in the fields of hardening plants, tempering systems, mechanical and apparatus engineering, the automotive industry and the aviation industry, for example. In addition, KGO GmbH develops innovative and individual solutions for special applications, e.g. in the field of environmental and process engineering.

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